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May Testing Update

Hello families! Testing Update!

The black belt committee have decided to cancel our May testing. We did not feel comfortable holding a testing when our students would not be at their best potential.

However, we have some exciting news!

While we have agreed to cancel the formal testing, we are offering those who are willing to take the opportunity to test that chance!

If you have taken the initiative to keep practicing your kata during this time, we want to offer you the opportunity to film yourself doing the kata and email to Sensei Britni.

How, you may ask? Simple. If you/your child wants to test in May, you simply need to fill out the Google Form with the name, kata, and email by May 8th. Once you have filled out the form, Sensei Britni will follow up with confirmation and filming directions, as well as how to send payment.

Please note: this applies to anyone testing from Taikyoku 1 to Pinan 5. Black belt testings will not happen at this time. There will also be no jujitsu testings at this time.

Another note: you will need to fill out 1 form per person.

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