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Student Help

Welcome to the Student Help page of School of the Tiger. On this page, you will have may resources to help you along your journey in the martial arts. Please don't be afraid to use these resources and don't be afraid to ask questions about any the material. Remember: we want you to succeed. It is up to you to use the tools wisely.


Listed below are your katas with links to the videos, as well as the charts for each rank. If there is no link, please be patient; we are working on it!

White Belt

1st Stripe (9th Kyu)

Katas: Taikyoku 1 and Taikyoku 2


2nd Stripe (8th Kyu)

Katas: Taikyoku 3 and Taikyoku 4


3rd Stripe (7th Kyu)

Katas: Taikyoku 5 and Sukugi 1


Green Belt

1st Stripe (6th Kyu)

Katas: Pinan 1 and Sukugi 2


2nd Stripe (5th Kyu)

Katas: Pinan 2 and Sukugi 3


3rd Stripe (4th Kyu)

Katas: Pinan 3 and Yantsu


Brown Belt

1st Stripe (3rd Kyu)

Katas: Sanchin and Gekusai Dai

Chart | Essay Dropbox

2nd Stripe (2nd Kyu)

Katas: Pinan 4 and Gekusai Sho


3rd Stripe (1st Kyu)

Katas: Pinan 5 and Tsuki No Kata


Black Belt

Kata: Tensho

Black Belt Training Log

This will be repeated again when a junior black belt tests for senior black belt. Once you are a black belt, you will receive the login for the black belt page to learn the requirements for upper ranks

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