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June Karate Classes

Hello everyone!

I hope you are staying cool during this time. I wanted to post the schedule for next session of classes (June 8-July 3). These classes will be taking place over Zoom.

I wanted to clear up some concerns about the schedule.

First off: we have shortened our class time. We did this because in order to keep the motivation going. We know that this time has created much uncertainty and a time where we are unsure how everything is going to happen.

We also moved our class times to the evening. As businesses are opening up, we know that some students need the help of their parents to log on Zoom. We were concerned that if we kept the times the same, there would not be the help that some of our students need.

Students can attend as many classes as they want to. Classes will run from 5:00-5:30 and then from 5:45-6:15. We are giving our instructors a 15 minute break to get water and transition to open the next class.

With this transition to half an hour classes, we are putting the trust in our students to warm up and stretch before class in order for us to focus on what we want to teach.

Class cost will remain the same. If you are wondering the cost, please check out this table:

To sign up for classes, click here. If the link is not working, please copy and paste this link:

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