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The Spirit of "OSU"

"All our lives through the disipline of karate we will seek to fulfill to true meaning of the Kyokushin way." Mas Oyama

Our mission at School of the Tiger is to offer excellent quality and affordable martial arts classes.

Our 25+ years with Cosumnes Community Services District (formally Elk Grove Community Services District) and our outstanding relationship with them, has provided us with excellent facilities allowing us to keep our cost under control and affordable without sacrificing our goal to produce excellent martial artist. We are dedicated, disciplined, and are respected in the community.

School of the Tiger offers classes in Kyokushin Karate, Aiki Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. These class are instructed by professionals, many in law enforcement and related fields with decades of experience.

There are no contracts to sign or long term commitments, classes run month to month, but structured for students to work towards their black belts.

We treat each student with courtesy and respect, regardless of age or abilities, we will train anyone willing to step onto the path by providing them with the time and training they require to obtain their goals at no extra costs. Once a student is enrolled they will find many classes available to them at no additional charge.



Testing September 17th 7:30pm at the Wackford Center!

New class starting in September!!!

Learn Kyokushin karate in a serious, intense, physical demanding environment.  If you are willing to step on to the path of true martial arts, then this is the class for you.  

Instructor: Chris Raderchak who is a Full contact fighter with 28 years martial arts training
he is a 4th Dan STMAA Black Belt, 3rd Dan AKKO Black Belt, 1st Dan Aiki Jujitsu Black Belt

Meet with us on Fridays from 6:15 to 7:30

Where: Parks & Rec Dept. 8820 Class room 10  Elk Grove Blvd. Elk Grove CA 95624

Of all the Karate styles, Kyokushin Karate (meaning ‘Ultimate Truth’) stands out in the crowd. It looks similar to other styles - white uniforms, color belt system, grading syllabus, dojo etiquette, kata (forms), kihon (basics) and Kumite (sparring-fighting)
It is traditional , but it is also quite different!

Kyokushin Karate, also known as Kyokushinkai, is respected in Karate circles and in the wider martial arts as a ‘hard’ style with its own very high standards. A small group of a bunch of really tough guys. Strenuous training and contact sparring build the kind of spirit and endurance needed to help prepare realistically for serious physical confrontation.
Kyokushin students earn everything they get. There are no shortcuts to becoming tough. Only hard, disciplined training can produce the kind of results Kyokushin Karate is famous for.
Kyokushin Karate does not pretend. Everything about it is open to scrutiny and rigorously tested in open competitions from all styles.
It is knockdown Fighting Aimed at actually defeating the opponent by knockdown (including kicks to the head) not the simulated encounters seen in other Karate styles.
Kyokushin is real world, when there may be more than one opponent you do not want to be on the ground.  With Kyokushin, you won't be.

We also provide Aiki Jujitsu classes to cover that too, if you want to learn what to do when on the ground.

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